After watching a Wildebeest herd crossing the Mara river and later observing an African Elephant in Musth, we went further into the Masai Mara Reserve when we hit a gold mine. There at a distance we noticed a few vehicles together and it did not take much to guess that a cat had been spotted there.

When we reached the location, we were simply blown away by what we saw there. A huge pride of Lions had just made a Zebra kill and were feasting on it. It was wonderful to observe the Lions take turn at the kill and give an opportunity to the young cubs every now and then. The mood and the jostling for position at the supper table was a sight to watch.

All this action kept our cameras clicking away all the while and time just flew by. The sun was setting and we had to rush back to the lodge leaving the Lions to enjoy their feast in peace. Here are a few moments from that amazing wildlife experience.

This image captures one of those rare moments when the whole pride was peacefully going about the business of eating.

Pride of Lions at Zebra Kill

The Juvenile Lion was having a go at the Zebra kill, while keeping a silent vigil on us at the same time.

Juvenile Lion at Zebra Kill

This Lion cub was struggling to break the piece of bone that it had taken away from the main kill.

Lion cub at Zebra Kill

And this Lioness, seemingly the matriarch of the family, gave us a cold stare when I got low to get an eye level perspective.

Lionness at Zebra Kill

And in the final image below, you see her towering over everyone else in the pride having the Lion’s share of the Zebra kill.

Pride of Lions at Zebra Kill