Ranthambore National Park and more specifically, Zone 3 of the park is by far the most beautiful Tiger Reserve that we have seen till date. Here are a few animals and birds that we photographed in this amazing park. We photographed this White-breasted Kingfisher as it was sun bathing at the edge of a stream.

This Nilgai was taking cover from the harsh Sun when it allowed us to get close enough for an almost full frame composition. While the feature image (first image) gives the full view of the abandoned palace in the Ranthambore lake, the picture below gives another perspective of this beautiful lake.

This Shikra was busy scanning the wilderness for its breakfast while we froze it against a distraction free backdrop. The Chinkara is another endangered species of antelope found in Ranthambore National Park.

The reflection of the Pond Heron on a puddle of water made for a beautiful composition and we managed to capture it in the early morning sunlight.