The true ancestor of our domestic Chicken, the Red Junglefowl is a widespread resident in North Eastern India. While you can see them all over the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, photographing them in the wild is a huge challenge, given their shy and restless behavior. We found it easier to photograph their Peninsular Indian cousin – the Grey Junglefowl. You can read about the Grey Junglefowl in our earlier post here.
We sighted mostly the male Red Junglefowls’ and here is a collection of images taken with the D300, 300mm f2.8 mounted with the 2x TC. All images were taken in the Eastern range of the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, which is truly a birder’s delight. From among all the three ranges of the Sanctuary – Western, Central and Eastern, it was during our trips into the Eastern range that we saw and photographed many different species of birds. As this range is located furthest away from all the resorts, not many people visit the range, making it the least frequented range of the Sanctuary. But if you are a Birder and are visiting Kaziranga, we would recommend not just one, but a couple of trips to the Eastern range. It is beautiful and believe us, absolutely worth it.

Pl. note that all images are copyright of Thomas and Shilpy. In case you are interested in any of the images, Pl. mail us on with the details.