On the first afternoon safari during this particular visit to Bandipur National Park, we spotted a small herd of Asian Elephants. All but one Elephant, quickly disappeared into the lantana cover. And this Elephant took offense to our presence and came charging at us (picture above). Fortunately for us it turned out to be a mock charge and the Elephant stopped in its tracks (picture below) a little distance from the jeep.

Asian Elephant

Coppersmith Barbet

This lone Coppersmith Barbet (picture above) beautifully perched at the top of a dead tree and against the blue skies made a lovely composition. And one member of the omni-present Little Green Bee-eater (picture below) species basking in the evening sun made for a willing photography subject.

Little Green Bee-eater

Gaur calf

An inquisitive Gaur calf (picture above) gave us just about adequate time to single it out in a portrait composition before it ran to join its mother. Finally we got another glimpse of the prince of Bandipur – Bengal Tiger while he was on one of his evening strolls, In summary, it was a amazing trip to Bandipur with wonderful wildlife sightings.

Bengal Tiger