After a brief stay at Bori Safari Lodge, we headed to the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge. The drive to Reni Pani takes you from one end of the Satpura National Park, namely the Bori gate to the other end, which is the main gate of the Satpura park. The prospect of driving through the entire park including the core area was something we eagerly looked forward to. We started the drive with a Sloth Bear sighting and finished the drive late evening with a glimpse of the Mottled Wood-Owl in fading light. It was a lovely drive. Erwin, one of the resident naturalist’s at Reni Pani was accompanying us and he peppered the whole drive with stories of sightings that he had during his various safaris into the park. We were excited about the sightings ahead of us as we started the next leg of our stay at the Satpura National Park.