After the incredibly exciting start to our morning in Serengeti National Park– checkout our earlier posts on the Lioness carrying new-born cubs, we headed deeper into the park. We stopped to observe a courting pair of Black-bellied Bustard and they surprised us with a few striking poses.

And on an inviting long green stretch of the Savannah, our guide spotted a Cheetah quenching its thirst in the mid-day sun. We carefully approached it and got a few lovely pictures, before it walked aways from the safari tracks.

We left the Cheetah to mind its business as we headed towards some shelter to have our lunch. Thats when we spotted a Secretary bird with its offspring in its nest, that made for a cool composition. As we moved on, we were hoping to catch a glimpse of an African Leopard, a rare sighting in these parts. More to come in the next post.