As we were exiting the Kabini Backwaters during one of our evening safari’s there, we spotted this huge tusker that was foraging among the woods. He stopped to take notice of us, giving us an opportunity to observe his massive tusks. The sighting of this tusker made the safari worthwhile.

The next morning safari started off with yet another sighting of these gentle giants. But it was a unique experience for us unlike any of the sightings we had so far. We noticed a herd of Elephants standing close to the safari tracks, a couple of them were also lying on the ground. On closer inspection, to our amazement, we realised that the Elephants lying on the ground were sleeping.

Then a small head popped up from the heap of Elephants’ bodies and that turned out to be a calf, maybe a month old, that was resting between the sleeping adults. The calf looked at us as curiously as we were looking at this group of sleeping giants. That made for a fantastic feature image for this post. Soon the Elephants got up and instinctively shielded the young ones away from us. We left this protective family and continued our safari into the Kabini Backwaters.