When it comes to taking wildlife photos, it surely pays to be patient. During one of our morning safaris in the Kabini backwater in Nagarhole National Park, we sighted a pack of Dholes relaxing by the jeep tracks. Sighting of wild animals especially of the predatory kind is the primary tourist attraction in the Indian forests. Hence it was just a matter of minutes before 4-5 jeeps zeroed in on the location to get a glimpse of the Dhole (Indian Wild Dog).

These Dholes were very relaxed and they continued lazing around paying little attention to the jeeps and its tourist passengers (as seen in the second image). With no action happening, one by one, all the tourists lost interest and left the location in search of more active game, except for us. We decided to wait and watch, just in case these pack hunters decided to get busy.

Our patience was well rewarded in a matter of minutes. The pack decided it was time for some bonding and we were treated to some intimate social behavior of these wild dogs. After a few minutes of having fun, the disciplined pack disbursed in an orderly fashion as seen in the last image.

Animal pictures - Dhole

Animal pictures - DholeAnimal pictures - DholeAnimal pictures - DholeAnimal pictures - Dhole