On one of our evening game drives at the Amboseli National Park, we spotted a couple of Lion cubs sitting close to the road. There was not a single Lioness in sight. I guess most of them were on a hunt. The cubs looked hungry and listless, so we left them to mind their business and headed in search of other game.

Not far away we saw a huge tusker calmly grazing. The sheer size of his tusks was a captivating sight so we inched closer and turned off the ignition of the vehicle. We didn’t have to wait for long before he moved closer to us giving us this full frame composition of his tusks.

We were surprised to spot this Montagu’s Harrier sitting close to the road and gave us a few clean pictures before flying away. As the light started to fade, we drove back to the lodge and that’s when we spotted a flock of Sand Grouse as they were finding a good spot by the side of the road to roost for the evening.

And in fading light we passed through the area where we had seen the Lion cubs at the start of the safari. They were still there. But this time around the Lionesses had returned and the cubs were upbeat. While we spent a few minutes observing them, one of the cubs crawled over to a Lioness and started suckling. This was the highlight of the day for us and made it as the feature image (first picture) of this post.