The Tiger prince¬†who we sighted in Ranthambore put up a fabulous show for us. He simply wasn’t bothered by the hoard of tourists in the multitude of parked vehicles enjoying the sighting. His siesta was soon to be interrupted by an irritant Crow that kept announcing his presence to everyone around.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it kept the Tiger prince awake, or should I saw almost awake. Every now and then he would break into a laboured yawn. I captured the many yawning moments of the Prince and summarised them here in these pictures.

After holding centre stage for over 30 m minutes, the fearless Tiger cub (its about two years old) got up and disappeared into the Ranthambore wilderness. The happy tourists, like us, decided to drive back to the park gates, now that the show was over. Our guide however wanted to see if we could get another opportunity with the fearless prince. He directed the driver to go ahead to another favourite haunt of Tigers and wait for a few minutes, just in case this Tiger decided to come to that location. We didn’t have to wait for long before the fearless prince walked down the ramp ending in this head-on pose. He then turned around and this time vanished into the jungle for good.