The ruins of the lost city of Petra is a must visit to anyone going to Jordan. Our drive to Petra from Amman was long and tiring. But as we finally checked into our hotel in the evening, we were excited about visiting the ruins of the once great metropolis. Our hotel was right next to the entrance of this incredible UNESCO heritage site. Next day early morning we were at the entry gates to the ruins. We made the long walk through the Canyon, which housed the Nabataean tombs and finally reached the beginning of the Siq. All through the way, our guide, archaeologist Nayef, kept us engaged, sharing with us nuggets of information that he had on Petra. The Siq is the entrance to the lost city and is a narrow gorge that is flanked by steep cliffs on both sides.

Our stroll through the stone pathway of the Siq, finally ends with the spectacular view of the Treasury of the city. This (below) is the peek of the Treasury before the Siq opens up fully into the expansive, awe-inspiring view of the Treasury, which is the feature picture of this post. More to come.