In case you didn’t see part 1 of this post where we tracked one of the twin princesses of Ranthambore, please check out that post here. We had ended part 1 leaving behind one of the twin sisters resting in the tall grass by the lake. What she did next can be either said to be amateurish or can be looked as signs of a confident Tigress making subtle moves to take over this prime territory. She just got up and walked towards the other bank and right towards all the jeeps waiting to get a better glimpse of her. She could have crossed over from an isolated spot hidden from the jeeps, but she chose to pick a path that crossed right through the traffic, in plain sight of gasping tourists, and headed nonchalantly to the grass on the other side.

Once she reached the other bank, she seemed to be constantly on the lookout for something or someone. Most of the naturalists were predicting that her twin sister was hidden in the tall grass, somewhere close by. Given that she was now engrossed in her antics, we got many photo opportunities, some of which are portraits in these pictures.