During our last trip to Maasai Mara, on our first game drive in the afternoon, I noticed Emanuel our driver/naturalist heading towards the Mara Serena Airstrip. I enquired to find out the reason and he pointed out that he had seen some African Lions in the area and wanted to see if they were still around. To our pleasant surprise, they were sleeping right next to the Airstrip.

The roaring turbo engines of the aircraft made them sit-up and take notice. However as soon the aircraft took off, the sleeping Lions went right back to sleeping, In fact they just crashed out. It was clear that they were going nowhere for at least this evening.

We left the sleeping Lions and headed off deeper into the Maasai Mara Reserve in search of more game. As we drove by these Zebras turned around in unison making a nice composition. The spotted Hyena sat up and took notice, before it too went back to sleep. It was clearly siesta time in Maasai Mara as we drove on further.