We were on our last drive in Kanha National Park. While we saw pug marks and also heard alarm calls, we could not spot the Tiger on this drive. When we were exiting the park, we spotting this Asiatic Wild Dog, commonly known as Dhole, strolling along the road right towards us. We switched off our vehicle and waited to observe this endangered species of the Indian Wilderness. The Dhole came right up to my camera range and stopped on the road looking out to the other side.

And that’s when we spotted another Wild Dog to the left of our vehicle in the tall grass. He was pretty close to the vehicle and in better light that the other dog, that was standing on the road. While we were watching, this one settled down in the tall grass to rest for a few minutes.

Then it got up and headed towards its companion who by now had made itself more comfortable by settling down on the other side of the road. It was now clear that this was the dominant pair of the pack. What the Wild Dog did next, gave us an amazing photo opportunity. It came onto the road and sat up like a typical domestic dog. While it rested, we clicked away to glory and you can see more of it in the next post on Kanha.